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Pine Wood Doors

Pine Wood Doors

Please note that the lock shown in the picture of Pine Wood Doors is only for display purpose. You can purchase the lock separately. For query / question you can click this link Doors Manufacturer & Supplier with latest designs


Pine Wood Doors

Solid 4 panel door plain style Price, quotes, rate of Pine Wood Doors.

Pine Wood Doors Design

Simple, Solid and yet beautifully designed and crafted Pine wood door.

This  door is made in the traditional way, using a mortice and tenon construction. The door is ready to use and have been finalized and are ready for waxing/staining or painting. What ever you need could be. We have achieved bulk production for this door type. and can fulfill any demand type.

We are currently manufacturing following sizes but custom size can also be produced.

Available in the following dimensions :

27″ x 78″ inches
30″ x 78″ inches
32″ x 80″ inches
33″ x 78″ inches

Pine Wood Door Pathankot Timber Store Ludhiana

Pine Wood Solid 4 panel door plain style Price, quotes, rate, price