Eddie Charlton Billiards Snooker Balls 2-1/16 inches

Original Eddie Charlton’s Billiards Snooker Ball Set consists 22 balls. measuring 2 1/16″ each in diameter. The balls are superiorly designed and a blend of unique craftsmanship and manufactured using high end technology. We are the wholesaler in Ludhiana Punjab of Eddie Charlton Billiards Snooker balls

Perfectly round shape and needle sharp balanced along with uniform weight and hardness.

All the Eddie Charlton Billiards Snooker balls have brilliant colors – friction resistant roll and reaction. These are just a few of the key features that have earned Eddie Charlton’s range of products huge reputation.

All the Eddie Charlton Billiards Snooker balls are produced to the most exacting standards and tolerances, to  insure maximum consistency for ball to ball.

This Eddie Charlton Billiards, Snooker Ball Set contains 15 reds, plus a cue ball, and one of each of the six scoring balls.


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