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10 Ft Billiards Snooker Table

10 ft Billiards Snooker Table

10 Ft Billiards Snooker Table Manufacturer

10 Ft Billiards Snooker Table Manufacturer

This 10 ft Billiards Snooker Table is Manufacturer by Pathankot Timber Store Ludhiana Punjab India. We are the fastest growing Manufacturer and Suppliers of Billiards Snooker Table in India. The table shown in picture “10 FOOT Billiards Snooker Table”; which comes with free billiards accessories with it.

 Snooker Table Dimension: 10 ft (3.0 m) Length  by 5 ft (1.5 m) Width. We Supplies Billiards Tables Ludhiana, Snooker Tables Ludhiana.

We also manufacturer 8 Ft Snooker Table and 7 Ft Snooker Table.

for More detail regarding this Billiards Snooker Table see its description.


Billiards Snooker Table

This is our Billiards Snooker Table anf with FREE Rs 17000 ACCESSORY KIT. It comes with free accessories’s and has following feature:

  • 10 FOOT Snooker Table has automatic ball return system
  • Smooth GREEN felt cloth
  • Black or Brown Structure finish with polish
  • It also has height adjustable chrome finish feet
  • It comes with soft green waterproof cover for protection
  • It has massive weight, this suggest a solid construction material:  180 +kgs!

10 ft Billiards Snooker Table DIMENSIONS!

10’x5′ ft Means 10 foot length and 5 foot width
Table Top Height: 25 cms
Weight 180 KG

Rs 17000 BONUS ACCESSORIES  free with this table- Means EVERY THING YOU NEED to just Start playing is already INCLUDED!

Free Accessories are as follows:

  • 2 pcs x 57 INCH cues
  • 2 pcs x 54 INCH cues
  • 1 pc x 36 INCH Junior cue
  • 1 pc x Wall mountable scoreboard
  • 1 pc x jigger cue
  • 2 pcs x triangles
  • 1 pc x Pool Table Brush
  • 1 pc x Soft table cover for protection
  • 2 pcs x Rubber Chalk Holders
  • 1 pc x How to play pool booklet (22 Colour Pics)
  • 1 pc x Eight ball key ring
  • 1 pc x spider cue
  • 1 pc x Wall mountable cue rack (up to 6 cues)
  • 1 pc x kelly pool bottle and marbles set
  • 1 pc x 2 inch numbered pool balls set
  • 1 pc x 2 inch snooker balls set
  • 2 pcs x chalk cubes


Wooden Billiard Table Manufacturer Pathankot Timber Store

Additional information


Imported Slate (Italian), Indian Slate


Arau Wood (Champ), Sheesham Wood, Teek Wood (Saagwan)


10 ft x 5 ft


India Punjab Ludhiana


Green Wood Billiards, Pathankot Timber Store